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IRS Phone Scams

Don't fall for the latest phone scam - be safe - be aware!Government Agencies will not contact you via telephone or E-mail to settle an outstanding issue, including any payment or fee!

The IRS scam calls have never gone away. Now, however, the calls are supposedly coming from the U.S. Treasury Department or your local Sheriff’s Office. These calls are from scammers, mostly calling from outside the United States, who rout the call through a U.S. Area Code to add legitimacy and fool consumers. They are meant to frighten and scare consumers into acting compulsively by providing a credit card or buying a ‘Green Dot’ money card to make an arrest warrant go away or avoid a court appearance.

Check out this really good article about phone scams ... from Background Checks.org

Beat the Gas Pump Blues with a Few Tips:

gasprices2Fuel prices always rise during the Summer traveling season, but even when costs are not that high, you can take a few measures to reduce the money you pay for gas, so you can spend it on the trip! Of course if you have suggestions for other money saving ideas, share them with us.

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