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Colorado Metro Mart is Changing!

metamorphisColorado Metro Mart will become My Scenic Colorado very soon.

With this metamorphosis, we will be adding many great and useful features to help you experience Colorado in all its glory.From the well known (Vail, Aspen, Durango, Colorado Springs) to the better kept secrets (Pascal, Westcliff, Maybell) with you, we can explore them all. The new site will share discounts, offers and special pricing from stops all across Colorado.

We also are planning a Free membership area where you can share your adventures, photos and favorite trails, rate lodging, restaurants and parks.

CMMart Notecard Collections

CMMart Notecard Collections

Photos by Colorado Metro Mart photographer, Clark Reeh, create a stunning collection of original and unique notecard sets. Cards are blank inside, to allow for whatever message inspires you. Card sets include 12 cards with matching envelopes featuring scenics and botanicals. All are limited editions. Visit Clark Reeh Photography to see more editions as they become available or to oder the artwork as larger prints.

Notecards make great gifts!

ALERT: Fake Firefox & Chrome Update JS file

ALERT! There are some sites, including Yahoo.com that have popups that look very convincing to immediately download a Critical Firefox or Chrome update. Then a download box appears with an option to run or save the update named somefilename.js. Again, it looks really legit, but it is not!

  1. The download box will never just automatically appear at legitimate sites, you would have to click to start the download in most cases.
  2. Real browser updates are .exe files, never .js - that is a javascript that will most likely install something very bad into your browser.
  3. Check the URL (www .xxx .com) Chrome is google.com and Firefox is mozilla.org 

These simple things to watch for will always save you in the end.


Web Cams - Mountains

links checked 10/16/16

Aspen from Colorado Web Cam.netLook at these before you go traveling anywhere in Colorado. Thank you to CDOT for providing such a vast statewide resource.

These live cams are located across the Central Mountains and Western Slope of Colorado, including many of the ski resorts and canyonlands. A great resource to checkout before you embark on a road trip across the state. Some of the Cams are CDOT Traffic cams, many others are privately owned cams. If you have a cam you would like to share with us, please use our contact page to let us know and we will post it as soon as possible.

Once you click on the links below, they will open in a new browser window. Don't forget to "Refresh" (F5) every 5 minutes or so to view the latest camera view.

Day Trip: Cuchara Pass


Location: West of I-25 between Walsenburg & Trinidad.

This day trip takes you along the Highway of Legends Scenic Byway. (2 Scenic Byways Bingo Points).

Absolutely incredible views. You'll pass through LaVeta where there are remnants of a an ancient Rocky Mountain volcano and fantastic views of Spanish Peaks.

Pre-Get-Away Checklist

Being prepared for a road trip can be the difference between a great day and disaster.While Colorado is a breathtakingly beautiful place in Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, the weather can be volatile and unpredictable within just 10 miles. "if you don't like the weather in Colorado, just wait 15 minutes" is not just a saying. A clear sky can turn cloudy and into a blizzard or downpour in just minutes, and a windy stretch of open road can become an ice rink in the blink of an eye. Follow a standard set of precautions while traveling through the mountains or on the plains for a safe and enjoyable trip.

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